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David Prosten Books was founded in 2020 to publish the third edition of the best-selling workplace bible, The Union Steward’s Complete Guide, which Prosten’s labor-side publishing company, Union Communication Services, first offered in 1997.  Rights to the book reverted to Prosten in 2019 when the Worker Institute, an arm of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, shuttered UCS five years after he gifted it to them upon his retirement. 

The Union Steward’s Complete Guide, 397 pages, illustrated and fully indexed, is designed for new stewards and veterans alike.  Based on the popular UCS bi-monthly publication Steward Update, it offers hands-on counsel on problems and concerns ranging from the basics of grievance handling to dealing with difficult supervisors or co-workers to ways of increasing membership involvement in the union.

This third edition, published in 2020, has been updated to reflect changes in today’s workplaces and the ever-shifting challenges stewards face in representing their co-workers.

Key data has been brought up to date and new trends and potential areas of conflict are outlined. Perhaps most important: a look at the double-edged sword of social media and how it has opened avenues of both job risk and organizing reward to workers and their unions.


No steward, from the newest to the most veteran, should go without this incredibly helpful tool.  

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"There is no more valuable tool than The Union Steward's Complete Guide to help these frontline activists in labor's struggle for workplace justice and dignity." 

David Bonior,

former member of US Congress (D-Mich) and founder, American Rights at Work