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About David Prosten:
Union Representative and Editor of The Union Steward’s Complete Guide

Guide editor David Prosten is a former union representative. A one-time daily newspaper journalist, he became a union activist and then staffer for a range of private and public sector unions before launching his own labor-side publishing company, Union Communication Services, Inc. (UCS). In 2014, he gifted UCS to The Worker Institute at Cornell University, whose bureaucracy allowed the company to fail five years later. Prosten insisted on keeping the Guide available to the labor movement, regained publishing rights, and published the current, third edition through his new company, David Prosten Books, LLC.

David Prosten Books has partnered with Labor’s Bookstore to guarantee that a number of important labor-side books remain available to unionists: along with the Guide, Labor’s Bookstore offers several other books developed by Prosten when he operated UCS, many of them in new editions.

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