Greet new employees with more than a handshake: present them with your own business card, establishing the union’s presence on the job and your own vital role in the workplace. Make sure long-time members have one for ready reference as well.

On the front of the sturdy two-color card is space for you to put all the contact information the member needs to call you or another union representative into action: Your name (and the union’s name), your phone number(s), the union office (or officer) numbers and the union’s website – local and/or national. On the other side of the card is the all-important Weingarten statement, so the member has immediate access to the proper response if threatened with potential disciplinary action.


This is a great tool for establishing a steward’s presence in the workplace: for newly-appointed or elected stewards it’s a way to introduce yourself around. For veteran stewards it’s a way to make or re-establish contact while at the same time putting a valuable piece of potentially job-saving information in your members’ hands.


As a steward, you’re the official, front-line representative of your union. Use these cards (printed with a union label, of course!) to present yourself professionally and let the members know you’re there for them. 


Durable Card Stock

100 per order

Union Steward Business Cards