Based largely on the best-selling Union Steward’s Complete Guide, "Introductory Steward Training Course" offers everything a new steward needs to get up and running. Invaluable as a brush-up and refresher to more veteran stewards as well, the CD comes complete with audio, a series of Skills Checks and Scenarios to help you master the material, even a Certificate of Completion when you finish. The course has eight sections, developed with input from national union education directors and hundreds of local union leaders. They include:


  • The basic responsibilities of a union steward
  • The rights of a union steward
  • Explaining what a union does and why it matters
  • Introducing new workers to your union
  • Using your collective bargaining agreement and its grievance procedure
  • Rallying members around bargaining or other issues
  • The importance of providing equal good-faith representation to everyone (Duty of Fair Representation).


Whether you’re a new steward just starting out, an experienced steward who wants to brush up on skills, or a union official looking for ways to build and maintain a skilled and confident steward corps, you’ll find this course a powerful tool.

Introductory Steward Training Course CD For Windows Operating System